School Sisters of Notre Dame

To register for the high school equivalency diploma program, call the Center, 718-738-0588, Monday-Thursday, 9:00-3:00, and make an appointment for an interview. Interviews are generally held on Monday mornings at 10:00. After the interview, you can register for the program and begin classes as soon as possible.


A placement test is administered to women who want to enroll in the ESL program. The placement test is given several times a year, whenever there is room in the classes. Presently, the classes are full. To put your name on the waiting list, come to the Center and give your name and address. When the next placement test is scheduled, you will receive a notice in the mail, inviting you to come to the Center and take the placement test. These classes are for women 21 years old and older.
NOTE: Please do not bring children with you when you come to take the placement test.